Attitudes and attitude change

Bohner G, Dickel N (2011)
Annual Review of Psychology 62(1): 391-417.

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Bohner G, Dickel N. Attitudes and attitude change. Annual Review of Psychology. 2011;62(1):391-417.
Bohner, G., & Dickel, N. (2011). Attitudes and attitude change. Annual Review of Psychology, 62(1), 391-417. doi:10.1146/annurev.psych.121208.131609
Bohner, G., and Dickel, N. (2011). Attitudes and attitude change. Annual Review of Psychology 62, 391-417.
Bohner, G., & Dickel, N., 2011. Attitudes and attitude change. Annual Review of Psychology, 62(1), p 391-417.
G. Bohner and N. Dickel, “Attitudes and attitude change”, Annual Review of Psychology, vol. 62, 2011, pp. 391-417.
Bohner, G., Dickel, N.: Attitudes and attitude change. Annual Review of Psychology. 62, 391-417 (2011).
Bohner, Gerd, and Dickel, Nina. “Attitudes and attitude change”. Annual Review of Psychology 62.1 (2011): 391-417.
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