MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis

Dubos C, Stracke R, Grotewold E, Weisshaar B, Martin C, Lepiniec L (2010)
Trends in Plant Science 15(10): 573-581.

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Dubos C, Stracke R, Grotewold E, Weisshaar B, Martin C, Lepiniec L. MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Trends in Plant Science. 2010;15(10):573-581.
Dubos, C., Stracke, R., Grotewold, E., Weisshaar, B., Martin, C., & Lepiniec, L. (2010). MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Trends in Plant Science, 15(10), 573-581. doi:10.1016/j.tplants.2010.06.005
Dubos, C., Stracke, R., Grotewold, E., Weisshaar, B., Martin, C., and Lepiniec, L. (2010). MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Trends in Plant Science 15, 573-581.
Dubos, C., et al., 2010. MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Trends in Plant Science, 15(10), p 573-581.
C. Dubos, et al., “MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis”, Trends in Plant Science, vol. 15, 2010, pp. 573-581.
Dubos, C., Stracke, R., Grotewold, E., Weisshaar, B., Martin, C., Lepiniec, L.: MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Trends in Plant Science. 15, 573-581 (2010).
Dubos, Christian, Stracke, Ralf, Grotewold, Erich, Weisshaar, Bernd, Martin, Cathie, and Lepiniec, Loic. “MYB transcription factors in Arabidopsis”. Trends in Plant Science 15.10 (2010): 573-581.
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