The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1

Guo H, Kottke T, Hegemann P, Dick B (2005)

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Guo H, Kottke T, Hegemann P, Dick B. The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 2005;89(1):402-412.
Guo, H., Kottke, T., Hegemann, P., & Dick, B. (2005). The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 89(1), 402-412. doi:10.1529/biophysj.104.058230
Guo, H., Kottke, T., Hegemann, P., and Dick, B. (2005). The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 89, 402-412.
Guo, H., et al., 2005. The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 89(1), p 402-412.
H. Guo, et al., “The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1”, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, vol. 89, 2005, pp. 402-412.
Guo, H., Kottke, T., Hegemann, P., Dick, B.: The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 89, 402-412 (2005).
Guo, Huimin, Kottke, Tilman, Hegemann, Peter, and Dick, Bernhard. “The Phot LOV2 Domain and its Interaction with LOV1”. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 89.1 (2005): 402-412.
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