Spatial string tension revisited

Schroeder Y, Laine M (2005)
In: PoS., LAT2005. 180-186.

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The spatial string tension, a classic non-perturbative probe for the convergence of the weak-coupling expansion at high temperatures, can be determined in full QCD as well as in a dimensionally reduced effective theory. Comparing both approaches, we find surprisingly good agreement almost down to the critical temperature of the deconfinement phase transition.
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XXIIIrd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory - LAT2005
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
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Schroeder Y, Laine M. Spatial string tension revisited. In: PoS. Vol LAT2005. 2005: 180-186.
Schroeder, Y., & Laine, M. (2005). Spatial string tension revisited. PoS, LAT2005, 180-186.
Schroeder, Y., and Laine, M. (2005). “Spatial string tension revisited” in PoS, vol. LAT2005, 180-186.
Schroeder, Y., & Laine, M., 2005. Spatial string tension revisited. In PoS. no.LAT2005 pp. 180-186.
Y. Schroeder and M. Laine, “Spatial string tension revisited”, PoS, vol. LAT2005, 2005, pp.180-186.
Schroeder, Y., Laine, M.: Spatial string tension revisited. PoS. LAT2005, p. 180-186. (2005).
Schroeder, York, and Laine, Mikko. “Spatial string tension revisited”. PoS. 2005.Vol. LAT2005. 180-186.
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