Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering

Wittkop T, Emig D, Lange SJ, Rahmann S, Albrecht M, Morris JH, Böcker S, Stoye J, Baumbach J (2010)
Nature Methods 7(6): 419-420.

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Wittkop T, Emig D, Lange SJ, et al. Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering. Nature Methods. 2010;7(6):419-420.
Wittkop, T., Emig, D., Lange, S. J., Rahmann, S., Albrecht, M., Morris, J. H., Böcker, S., et al. (2010). Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering. Nature Methods, 7(6), 419-420. doi:10.1038/nmeth0610-419
Wittkop, T., Emig, D., Lange, S. J., Rahmann, S., Albrecht, M., Morris, J. H., Böcker, S., Stoye, J., and Baumbach, J. (2010). Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering. Nature Methods 7, 419-420.
Wittkop, T., et al., 2010. Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering. Nature Methods, 7(6), p 419-420.
T. Wittkop, et al., “Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering”, Nature Methods, vol. 7, 2010, pp. 419-420.
Wittkop, T., Emig, D., Lange, S.J., Rahmann, S., Albrecht, M., Morris, J.H., Böcker, S., Stoye, J., Baumbach, J.: Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering. Nature Methods. 7, 419-420 (2010).
Wittkop, Tobias, Emig, Dorothea, Lange, Sita J., Rahmann, Sven, Albrecht, Mario, Morris, John H., Böcker, Sebastian, Stoye, Jens, and Baumbach, Jan. “Partitioning Biological Data with Transitivity Clustering”. Nature Methods 7.6 (2010): 419-420.
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