Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates

Wombacher R, Heidbreder M, van de Linde S, Sheetz MP, Heilemann M, Cornish VW, Sauer M (2010)
NATURE METHODS 7(9): 717-719.

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The spatiotemporal resolution of subdiffraction fluorescence imaging has been limited by the difficulty of labeling proteins in cells with suitable fluorophores. Here we report a chemical tag that allows proteins to be labeled with an organic fluorophore with high photon flux and fast photoswitching performance in live cells. This label allowed us to image the dynamics of human histone H2B protein in living cells at similar to 20 nm resolution.
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Wombacher R, Heidbreder M, van de Linde S, et al. Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates. NATURE METHODS. 2010;7(9):717-719.
Wombacher, R., Heidbreder, M., van de Linde, S., Sheetz, M. P., Heilemann, M., Cornish, V. W., & Sauer, M. (2010). Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates. NATURE METHODS, 7(9), 717-719. doi:10.1038/NMETH.1489
Wombacher, R., Heidbreder, M., van de Linde, S., Sheetz, M. P., Heilemann, M., Cornish, V. W., and Sauer, M. (2010). Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates. NATURE METHODS 7, 717-719.
Wombacher, R., et al., 2010. Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates. NATURE METHODS, 7(9), p 717-719.
R. Wombacher, et al., “Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates”, NATURE METHODS, vol. 7, 2010, pp. 717-719.
Wombacher, R., Heidbreder, M., van de Linde, S., Sheetz, M.P., Heilemann, M., Cornish, V.W., Sauer, M.: Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates. NATURE METHODS. 7, 717-719 (2010).
Wombacher, Richard, Heidbreder, Meike, van de Linde, Sebastian, Sheetz, Michael P., Heilemann, Mike, Cornish, Virginia W., and Sauer, Markus. “Live-cell super-resolution imaging with trimethoprim conjugates”. NATURE METHODS 7.9 (2010): 717-719.
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