Dittrich U, Grützmacher H-F (1985)
Chemische Berichte 118(11): 4404-4414.

Journal Article | Published | German
The preparation of the title compound 1 via an 8-step synthesis starting with 3-nitrobenz-aldehyde and with a yield of 5.5% is described. 1 is a heteracarbophane with an azo bridge connecting the two benzene rings. In CHCl3 solution 1 is a mixture of the syn- and anti-form and the special steric requirements of this strained cyclic azo compound are also reflected in its UV/Vis spectrum. 1 reacts easily under the influence of acids, heat, or light by an oxidative coupling of both phenyl groups to give 1,10-(2-thiapropano)-5,6-phenan-throline (14). Elimination of sulfur from 1 to give 1,2-diaza[2.2]metacyclophan-1-ene was not successful.
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Dittrich U, Grützmacher H-F. 2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en. Chemische Berichte. 1985;118(11):4404-4414.
Dittrich, U., & Grützmacher, H. - F. (1985). 2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en. Chemische Berichte, 118(11), 4404-4414. doi:10.1002/cber.19851181111
Dittrich, U., and Grützmacher, H. - F. (1985). 2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en. Chemische Berichte 118, 4404-4414.
Dittrich, U., & Grützmacher, H.-F., 1985. 2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en. Chemische Berichte, 118(11), p 4404-4414.
U. Dittrich and H.-F. Grützmacher, “2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en”, Chemische Berichte, vol. 118, 1985, pp. 4404-4414.
Dittrich, U., Grützmacher, H.-F.: 2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en. Chemische Berichte. 118, 4404-4414 (1985).
Dittrich, Uwe, and Grützmacher, Hans-Friedrich. “2-Thia-10,11-diaza[3.2]metacyclophan-10-en”. Chemische Berichte 118.11 (1985): 4404-4414.
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