Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes

Dreiseikelmann B (1994)
Microbiological Reviews 58(3): 293-316.

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Microbiological Reviews


Dreiseikelmann B. Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes. Microbiological Reviews. 1994;58(3):293-316.
Dreiseikelmann, B. (1994). Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes. Microbiological Reviews, 58(3), 293-316.
Dreiseikelmann, B. (1994). Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes. Microbiological Reviews 58, 293-316.
Dreiseikelmann, B., 1994. Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes. Microbiological Reviews, 58(3), p 293-316.
B. Dreiseikelmann, “Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes”, Microbiological Reviews, vol. 58, 1994, pp. 293-316.
Dreiseikelmann, B.: Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes. Microbiological Reviews. 58, 293-316 (1994).
Dreiseikelmann, Brigitte. “Translocation of DNA across bacterial membranes”. Microbiological Reviews 58.3 (1994): 293-316.
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