Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes

Neumann E, Rosenheck K (1972)
Journal of Membrane Biology 10(1): 279-290.

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Electric impulses were found to cause transient permeability changes in the membranes of vesicles storing biogenic amines. Release of catecholamines induced by electric fields (of the order of 20 kV/cm and decaying exponentially with a decay time of about 150 [mu]sec) was studied, using the chromaffin granules of bovine adrenomedullary cells as a vesicular model system. Far-UV-absorption spectroscopy was applied to determine the amount of catecholamines released from suspended vesicles. A polarization mechanism is suggested for the induction of short-lived permeability changes caused by electric fields. Such transient changes in permeability may possibly represent a part of the sequence of events leading to stimulated neurohumoral secretion.
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Neumann E, Rosenheck K. Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes. Journal of Membrane Biology. 1972;10(1):279-290.
Neumann, E., & Rosenheck, K. (1972). Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes. Journal of Membrane Biology, 10(1), 279-290. doi:10.1007/BF01867861
Neumann, E., and Rosenheck, K. (1972). Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes. Journal of Membrane Biology 10, 279-290.
Neumann, E., & Rosenheck, K., 1972. Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes. Journal of Membrane Biology, 10(1), p 279-290.
E. Neumann and K. Rosenheck, “Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes”, Journal of Membrane Biology, vol. 10, 1972, pp. 279-290.
Neumann, E., Rosenheck, K.: Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes. Journal of Membrane Biology. 10, 279-290 (1972).
Neumann, Eberhard, and Rosenheck, Kurt. “Permeability changes induced by electric impulses in vesicular membranes”. Journal of Membrane Biology 10.1 (1972): 279-290.
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