GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes

Meyer F, Goesmann A, McHardy AC, Bartels D, Bekel T, Clausen J, Kalinowski J, Linke B, Rupp O, Giegerich R, Pühler A (2003)
Nucleic Acids Research 31(8): 2187-2195.

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Meyer F, Goesmann A, McHardy AC, et al. GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes. Nucleic Acids Research. 2003;31(8):2187-2195.
Meyer, F., Goesmann, A., McHardy, A. C., Bartels, D., Bekel, T., Clausen, J., Kalinowski, J., et al. (2003). GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes. Nucleic Acids Research, 31(8), 2187-2195. doi:10.1093/nar/gkg312
Meyer, F., Goesmann, A., McHardy, A. C., Bartels, D., Bekel, T., Clausen, J., Kalinowski, J., Linke, B., Rupp, O., Giegerich, R., et al. (2003). GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes. Nucleic Acids Research 31, 2187-2195.
Meyer, F., et al., 2003. GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes. Nucleic Acids Research, 31(8), p 2187-2195.
F. Meyer, et al., “GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes”, Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 31, 2003, pp. 2187-2195.
Meyer, F., Goesmann, A., McHardy, A.C., Bartels, D., Bekel, T., Clausen, J., Kalinowski, J., Linke, B., Rupp, O., Giegerich, R., Pühler, A.: GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes. Nucleic Acids Research. 31, 2187-2195 (2003).
Meyer, Folker, Goesmann, Alexander, McHardy, Alice C., Bartels, Daniela, Bekel, Thomas, Clausen, Jörn, Kalinowski, Jörn, Linke, Burkhard, Rupp, Oliver, Giegerich, Robert, and Pühler, Alfred. “GenDB - an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes”. Nucleic Acids Research 31.8 (2003): 2187-2195.
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