Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes

Voß B, Giegerich R, Rehmsmeier M (2006)
BMC Biology 4(1): 5.

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Background: Soon after the first algorithms for RNA folding became available, it was recognised that the prediction of only one energetically optimal structure is insufficient to achieve reliable results. An in-depth analysis of the folding space as a whole appeared necessary to deduce the structural properties of a given RNA molecule reliably. Folding space analysis comprises various methods such as suboptimal folding, computation of base pair probabilities, sampling procedures and abstract shape analysis. Common to many approaches is the idea of partitioning the folding space into classes of structures, for which certain properties can be derived. Results: In this paper we extend the approach of abstract shape analysis. We show how to compute the accumulated probabilities of all structures that share the same shape. While this implies a complete (non-heuristic) analysis of the folding space, the computational effort depends only on the size of the shape space, which is much smaller. This approach has been integrated into the tool RNAshapes, and we apply it to various RNAs. Conclusion: Analyses of conformational switches show the existence of two shapes with probabilities approximately 2/3 vs. 1/3, whereas the analysis of a microRNA precursor reveals one shape with a probability near to 1.0. Furthermore, it is shown that a shape can outperform an energetically more favourable one by achieving a higher probability. From these results, and the fact that we use a complete and exact analysis of the folding space, we conclude that this approach opens up new and promising routes for investigating and understanding RNA secondary structure.
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Voß B, Giegerich R, Rehmsmeier M. Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes. BMC Biology. 2006;4(1):5.
Voß, B., Giegerich, R., & Rehmsmeier, M. (2006). Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes. BMC Biology, 4(1), 5. doi:10.1186/1741-7007-4-5
Voß, B., Giegerich, R., and Rehmsmeier, M. (2006). Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes. BMC Biology 4, 5.
Voß, B., Giegerich, R., & Rehmsmeier, M., 2006. Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes. BMC Biology, 4(1), p 5.
B. Voß, R. Giegerich, and M. Rehmsmeier, “Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes”, BMC Biology, vol. 4, 2006, pp. 5.
Voß, B., Giegerich, R., Rehmsmeier, M.: Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes. BMC Biology. 4, 5 (2006).
Voß, Björn, Giegerich, Robert, and Rehmsmeier, Marc. “Complete probabilistic analysis of RNA shapes”. BMC Biology 4.1 (2006): 5.
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