Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis

Ros A, Faupel M, Mees H, Oostrum J van, Ferrigno R, Reymond F, Michel P, Rossier JS, Girault HH (2002)
Proteomics 2(2): 151-156.

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Ros A, Faupel M, Mees H, et al. Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis. Proteomics. 2002;2(2):151-156.
Ros, A., Faupel, M., Mees, H., Oostrum, J. van, Ferrigno, R., Reymond, F., Michel, P., et al. (2002). Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis. Proteomics, 2(2), 151-156. doi:10.1002/1615-9861(200202)2:2<151::AID-PROT151>3.0.CO;2-9
Ros, A., Faupel, M., Mees, H., Oostrum, J. van, Ferrigno, R., Reymond, F., Michel, P., Rossier, J. S., and Girault, H. H. (2002). Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis. Proteomics 2, 151-156.
Ros, A., et al., 2002. Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis. Proteomics, 2(2), p 151-156.
A. Ros, et al., “Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis”, Proteomics, vol. 2, 2002, pp. 151-156.
Ros, A., Faupel, M., Mees, H., Oostrum, J. van, Ferrigno, R., Reymond, F., Michel, P., Rossier, J.S., Girault, H.H.: Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis. Proteomics. 2, 151-156 (2002).
Ros, Alexandra, Faupel, Michel, Mees, Hervé, Oostrum, Jan van, Ferrigno, Rosaria, Reymond, Frédéric, Michel, Philippe, Rossier, Joël S., and Girault, Hubert H. “Protein purification by Off-Gel electrophoresis”. Proteomics 2.2 (2002): 151-156.
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