Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics

Hagenstein MC, Sewald N (2006)
J Biotechnol 124(1): 56-73.

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Several approaches for proteome analysis and the generation of proteome subsets rely on engineered chemical probes that are tailored towards the detection of different protein classes. The concepts are presented in this review covering the literature until mid-2005.
J Biotechnol


Hagenstein MC, Sewald N. Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics. J Biotechnol. 2006;124(1):56-73.
Hagenstein, M. C., & Sewald, N. (2006). Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics. J Biotechnol, 124(1), 56-73. doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2005.12.005
Hagenstein, M. C., and Sewald, N. (2006). Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics. J Biotechnol 124, 56-73.
Hagenstein, M.C., & Sewald, N., 2006. Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics. J Biotechnol, 124(1), p 56-73.
M.C. Hagenstein and N. Sewald, “Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics”, J Biotechnol, vol. 124, 2006, pp. 56-73.
Hagenstein, M.C., Sewald, N.: Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics. J Biotechnol. 124, 56-73 (2006).
Hagenstein, Miriam C, and Sewald, Norbert. “Chemical tools for activity-based proteomics”. J Biotechnol 124.1 (2006): 56-73.

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