Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes

Seifert M, Kuck D (1996)
TETRAHEDRON 52(41): 13167-13180.

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The synthesis of several naphtho-anellated fenestrane derivatives 16 and 20-26 is described for the first time. Among these, a ''broken'' dibenzo, (naphtho-d,e) [5.6.5]fenestrane, 9, and two isomeric benzo,di(naphtho-a)[]fenestrane ketones, 23 and 24, were obtained in good yields by using the two-fold cyclodehydration route via the corresponding (spiro-) 1,3-indandiols. Attempts to prepare fenestranes that contain more than one six-membered ring failed. Copyright (C) 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd.
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Seifert M, Kuck D. Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes. TETRAHEDRON. 1996;52(41):13167-13180.
Seifert, M., & Kuck, D. (1996). Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes. TETRAHEDRON, 52(41), 13167-13180. doi:10.1016/0040-4020(96)00788-0
Seifert, M., and Kuck, D. (1996). Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes. TETRAHEDRON 52, 13167-13180.
Seifert, M., & Kuck, D., 1996. Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes. TETRAHEDRON, 52(41), p 13167-13180.
M. Seifert and D. Kuck, “Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes”, TETRAHEDRON, vol. 52, 1996, pp. 13167-13180.
Seifert, M., Kuck, D.: Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes. TETRAHEDRON. 52, 13167-13180 (1996).
Seifert, M, and Kuck, Dietmar. “Naphtho-anellated [5.6.5]- and []fenestranes”. TETRAHEDRON 52.41 (1996): 13167-13180.
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