Memory beyond the hippocampus

Tulving E, Markowitsch HJ (1997)

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Improved neuroanatomical knowledge, technical and methodological innovations (such as PET), and more refined conceptualizations of memory have inspired a reappraisal of theoretical beliefs regarding the role of the hippocampus in memory. In the past few years, it has become apparent that the influence of the medial temporal robe regions extends beyond memory and that memory processes (such as encoding, consolidation and retrieval) involve not only the hippocampus and the medial temporal and diencephalic regions, but also widely distributed neocortical and perhaps even cerebellar regions.


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Tulving, E, and Markowitsch, Hans J. “Memory beyond the hippocampus”. CURRENT OPINION IN NEUROBIOLOGY 7.2 (1997): 209-216.

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