Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble

Reimann P (2007)

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For a macroscopic, isolated quantum system in an unknown pure state, the expectation value of any given observable is shown to hardly deviate from the ensemble average with extremely high probability under generic equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions. Special care is devoted to the uncontrollable microscopic details of the system state. For a subsystem weakly coupled to a large heat bath, the canonical ensemble is recovered under much more general and realistic assumptions than those implicit in the usual microcanonical description of the composite system at equilibrium.


Reimann P. Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. 2007;99(16).
Reimann, P. (2007). Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 99(16). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.99.160404
Reimann, P. (2007). Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 99.
Reimann, P., 2007. Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 99(16).
P. Reimann, “Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble”, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 99, 2007.
Reimann, P.: Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. 99, (2007).
Reimann, Peter. “Typicality for generalized microcanonical ensemble”. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 99.16 (2007).

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