Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale

Filliger R, Reimann P (2007)
Physical Review Letters 99(23): 230602.

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A Brownian particle moving in the vicinity of a generic potential minimum under the influence of dissipation and thermal noise from two different heat baths is shown to act as a minimal heat engine, generating a systematic torque onto the physical object at the origin of the potential and an opposite torque onto the medium generating the dissipation.
Physical Review Letters


Filliger R, Reimann P. Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale. Physical Review Letters. 2007;99(23): 230602.
Filliger, R., & Reimann, P. (2007). Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale. Physical Review Letters, 99(23), 230602. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.99.230602
Filliger, R., and Reimann, P. (2007). Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale. Physical Review Letters 99:230602.
Filliger, R., & Reimann, P., 2007. Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale. Physical Review Letters, 99(23): 230602.
R. Filliger and P. Reimann, “Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale”, Physical Review Letters, vol. 99, 2007, : 230602.
Filliger, R., Reimann, P.: Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale. Physical Review Letters. 99, : 230602 (2007).
Filliger, Roger, and Reimann, Peter. “Brownian gyrator: A minimal heat engine on the nanoscale”. Physical Review Letters 99.23 (2007): 230602.

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