The beauty of symmetry

Müller A (2003)
SCIENCE 300(5620): 749-750.

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Müller A. The beauty of symmetry. SCIENCE. 2003;300(5620):749-750.
Müller, A. (2003). The beauty of symmetry. SCIENCE, 300(5620), 749-750. doi:10.1126/science.1084991
Müller, A. (2003). The beauty of symmetry. SCIENCE 300, 749-750.
Müller, A., 2003. The beauty of symmetry. SCIENCE, 300(5620), p 749-750.
A. Müller, “The beauty of symmetry”, SCIENCE, vol. 300, 2003, pp. 749-750.
Müller, A.: The beauty of symmetry. SCIENCE. 300, 749-750 (2003).
Müller, Achim. “The beauty of symmetry”. SCIENCE 300.5620 (2003): 749-750.
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