The H dibaryon on the lattice

Wetzorke I, Karsch F (2003)

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We present our final results for the mass of the six quark flavor singlet state (J(P) = 0(+), S = -2) called H dibaryon, which would be the lightest possible strangelet in the context of strange quark matter. The calculations are performed in quenched QCD on (8 - 24)(3) x 30 lattices with the (1,2) Symanzik improved gauge action and the clover fermion action. Furthermore the fuzzing technique for the fermion fields and smearing of the gauge fields is applied in order to enhance the overlap with the ground state. Depending on the lattice size we observe an H mass slightly above or comparable with the LambdaLambda threshold for strong decay. Therefore a bound H dibaryon state seemed to be ruled out by our simulation.
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Wetzorke I, Karsch F. The H dibaryon on the lattice. In: NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS. Vol 119. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV; 2003: 278-280.
Wetzorke, I., & Karsch, F. (2003). The H dibaryon on the lattice. NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS, 119, 278-280. doi:10.1016/S0920-5632(03)01531-7
Wetzorke, I., and Karsch, F. (2003). “The H dibaryon on the lattice” in NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS, vol. 119, (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV), 278-280.
Wetzorke, I., & Karsch, F., 2003. The H dibaryon on the lattice. In NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS. no.119 ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, pp. 278-280.
I. Wetzorke and F. Karsch, “The H dibaryon on the lattice”, NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS, vol. 119, ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2003, pp.278-280.
Wetzorke, I., Karsch, F.: The H dibaryon on the lattice. NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS. 119, p. 278-280. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV (2003).
Wetzorke, I, and Karsch, Frithjof. “The H dibaryon on the lattice”. NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2003.Vol. 119. 278-280.
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