Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders

McHardy AC, Goesmann A, Pühler A, Meyer F (2004)
BIOINFORMATICS 20(10): 1622-1631.

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Motivation: As a starting point in annotation of bacterial genomes, gene finding programs are used for the prediction of functional elements in the DNA sequence. Due to the faster pace and increasing number of genome projects currently underway, it is becoming especially important to have performant methods for this task. Results: This study describes the development of joint application strategies that combine the strengths of two microbial gene finders to improve the overall gene finding performance. Critica is very specific in the detection of similarity-supported genes as it uses a comparative sequence analysis-based approach. Glimmer employs a very sophisticated model of genomic sequence properties and is sensitive also in the detection of organism-specific genes. Based on a data set of 113 microbial genome sequences, we optimized a combined application approach using different parameters with relevance to the gene finding problem. This results in a significant improvement in specificity while there is similarity in sensitivity to Glimmer. The improvement is especially pronounced for GC rich genomes. The method is currently being applied for the annotation of several microbial genomes.
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McHardy AC, Goesmann A, Pühler A, Meyer F. Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders. BIOINFORMATICS. 2004;20(10):1622-1631.
McHardy, A. C., Goesmann, A., Pühler, A., & Meyer, F. (2004). Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders. BIOINFORMATICS, 20(10), 1622-1631. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bth137
McHardy, A. C., Goesmann, A., Pühler, A., and Meyer, F. (2004). Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders. BIOINFORMATICS 20, 1622-1631.
McHardy, A.C., et al., 2004. Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders. BIOINFORMATICS, 20(10), p 1622-1631.
A.C. McHardy, et al., “Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders”, BIOINFORMATICS, vol. 20, 2004, pp. 1622-1631.
McHardy, A.C., Goesmann, A., Pühler, A., Meyer, F.: Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders. BIOINFORMATICS. 20, 1622-1631 (2004).
McHardy, A. C., Goesmann, Alexander, Pühler, Alfred, and Meyer, F. “Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders”. BIOINFORMATICS 20.10 (2004): 1622-1631.
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