Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3)

Wojczykowski K, Jutzi P (2006)
SYNLETT (1): 0039-0040.

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We report on the synthesis of the amphiphilic molecules 1,1,1-tris(mercaptomethyl)undecane and 1,1,1-tris(mercaptomethyl)dec-9-ene starting from the corresponding tris(hydroxymethyl) compounds. In addition we describe the synthesis of an amphiphilic phosphite ligand possessing only one alkyl chain. These compounds are potential substrates for the monolayer protection of 2D surfaces and nanoparticles.
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Wojczykowski K, Jutzi P. Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3). SYNLETT. 2006;(1):0039-0040.
Wojczykowski, K., & Jutzi, P. (2006). Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3). SYNLETT(1), 0039-0040. doi:10.1055/s-2005-922785
Wojczykowski, K., and Jutzi, P. (2006). Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3). SYNLETT, 0039-0040.
Wojczykowski, K., & Jutzi, P., 2006. Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3). SYNLETT, (1), p 0039-0040.
K. Wojczykowski and P. Jutzi, “Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3)”, SYNLETT, 2006, pp. 0039-0040.
Wojczykowski, K., Jutzi, P.: Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3). SYNLETT. 0039-0040 (2006).
Wojczykowski, K, and Jutzi, Peter. “Amphiphilic trithiols RC(CH2SH)(3)”. SYNLETT 1 (2006): 0039-0040.
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