Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length

Rasmussen KR, Stoye J, Myers EW (2006)

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Fast and exact comparison of large genomic sequences remains a challenging task in biosequence analysis. We consider the problem of finding all epsilon-matches between two sequences, i.e., all local alignments over a given length with an error rate of at most epsilon. We study this problem theoretically, giving an efficient q-gram filter for solving it. Two applications of the filter are also discussed, in particular genomic sequence assembly and BLAST-like sequence comparison. Our results show that the method is 25 times faster than BLAST, while not being heuristic.
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Rasmussen KR, Stoye J, Myers EW. Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY. 2006;13(2):296-308.
Rasmussen, K. R., Stoye, J., & Myers, E. W. (2006). Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, 13(2), 296-308. doi:10.1089/cmb.2006.13.296
Rasmussen, K. R., Stoye, J., and Myers, E. W. (2006). Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 13, 296-308.
Rasmussen, K.R., Stoye, J., & Myers, E.W., 2006. Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, 13(2), p 296-308.
K.R. Rasmussen, J. Stoye, and E.W. Myers, “Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length”, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, vol. 13, 2006, pp. 296-308.
Rasmussen, K.R., Stoye, J., Myers, E.W.: Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY. 13, 296-308 (2006).
Rasmussen, Kim R., Stoye, Jens, and Myers, Eugene W. “Efficient q-gram filters for finding all epsilon-matches over a given length”. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 13.2 (2006): 296-308.
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