Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers

Lenz O, Schmid F (2007)
Physical Review Letters 98(5): 058104.

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We reproduce the symmetric and asymmetric "rippled" Pp, states of lipid membranes by Monte Carlo simulations of a coarse-grained molecular model for lipid-solvent mixtures. The structure and properties compare favorably with experiments. The asymmetric ripple state is characterized by a periodic array of fully interdigitated "defect" lines. The symmetric ripple state maintains a bilayer structure, but is otherwise structurally similar. The main force driving the formation of both ripple states is the propensity of lipid molecules with large head groups to exhibit splay.
Physical Review Letters


Lenz O, Schmid F. Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers. Physical Review Letters. 2007;98(5): 058104.
Lenz, O., & Schmid, F. (2007). Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers. Physical Review Letters, 98(5), 058104. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.058104
Lenz, O., and Schmid, F. (2007). Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers. Physical Review Letters 98:058104.
Lenz, O., & Schmid, F., 2007. Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers. Physical Review Letters, 98(5): 058104.
O. Lenz and F. Schmid, “Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers”, Physical Review Letters, vol. 98, 2007, : 058104.
Lenz, O., Schmid, F.: Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers. Physical Review Letters. 98, : 058104 (2007).
Lenz, Olaf, and Schmid, Friederike. “Structure of symmetric and asymmetric "ripple" phases in lipid bilayers”. Physical Review Letters 98.5 (2007): 058104.

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