Pulsating potential ratchet

Reimann P, Evstigneev M (2007)
EPL 78(5): 50004.

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We consider Brownian motion in a periodic array of potential wells. The potential barriers between adjacent wells are spatially symmetric and pulsating periodically in time. While the modulation amplitude is the same for all barriers, the spatial symmetry is broken by sequentially alternating the respective pulsation frequencies among three different incommensurate values. The result is a net motion ( ratchet effect), whose direction depends in an intriguing way on the detailed choice of parameters. Copyright (C) EPLA, 2007.
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Reimann P, Evstigneev M. Pulsating potential ratchet. EPL. 2007;78(5): 50004.
Reimann, P., & Evstigneev, M. (2007). Pulsating potential ratchet. EPL, 78(5), 50004. doi:10.1209/0295-5075/78/50004
Reimann, P., and Evstigneev, M. (2007). Pulsating potential ratchet. EPL 78:50004.
Reimann, P., & Evstigneev, M., 2007. Pulsating potential ratchet. EPL, 78(5): 50004.
P. Reimann and M. Evstigneev, “Pulsating potential ratchet”, EPL, vol. 78, 2007, : 50004.
Reimann, P., Evstigneev, M.: Pulsating potential ratchet. EPL. 78, : 50004 (2007).
Reimann, Peter, and Evstigneev, Mykhaylo. “Pulsating potential ratchet”. EPL 78.5 (2007): 50004.
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