$\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude

Ramirez E, Schwarz D (2009)
Phys.Rev.D 80(2): 023525.

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We present counterexamples to the claim that the lambda phi(4) inflaton potential is excluded by recent cosmological data. Finding counterexamples requires that the actually observed primordial fluctuations are generated at the onset of the slow-roll regime of inflation. This setup for the initial conditions is therefore different from the usual scenario of chaotic inflation where inflation starts long before the observed fluctuations are created. The primordial power spectrum of "just enough" chaotic inflation violates scale invariance in a way consistent with observations.
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Ramirez E, Schwarz D. $\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude. Phys.Rev.D. 2009;80(2): 023525.
Ramirez, E., & Schwarz, D. (2009). $\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude. Phys.Rev.D, 80(2), 023525. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.80.023525
Ramirez, E., and Schwarz, D. (2009). $\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude. Phys.Rev.D 80:023525.
Ramirez, E., & Schwarz, D., 2009. $\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude. Phys.Rev.D, 80(2): 023525.
E. Ramirez and D. Schwarz, “$\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude”, Phys.Rev.D, vol. 80, 2009, : 023525.
Ramirez, E., Schwarz, D.: $\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude. Phys.Rev.D. 80, : 023525 (2009).
Ramirez, Erandy, and Schwarz, Dominik. “$\phi^4$ inflation is not exclude”. Phys.Rev.D 80.2 (2009): 023525.
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