The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game

Finke A, Lenhardt A, Ritter H (2009)
Neural Networks 22(9): 1329-1333.

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We present a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) game. the MindGame, based oil the P300 event-related potential In the MindGame interface P300 events are translated into movements of a character on a three-dimensional game board A linear feature selection and classification scheme is applied to identify P300 events and calculate gradual feedback features from a scalp electrode array. The classification during the online run of the game is computed oil a single-trial basis without averaging over subtrials We achieve classification rates of O 65 on single-trials during the online operation of the system while providing gradual feedback to the player (C) 2009 Elsevier Ltd All rights reserved.
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Finke A, Lenhardt A, Ritter H. The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game. Neural Networks. 2009;22(9):1329-1333.
Finke, A., Lenhardt, A., & Ritter, H. (2009). The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game. Neural Networks, 22(9), 1329-1333. doi:10.1016/j.neunet.2009.07.003
Finke, A., Lenhardt, A., and Ritter, H. (2009). The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game. Neural Networks 22, 1329-1333.
Finke, A., Lenhardt, A., & Ritter, H., 2009. The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game. Neural Networks, 22(9), p 1329-1333.
A. Finke, A. Lenhardt, and H. Ritter, “The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game”, Neural Networks, vol. 22, 2009, pp. 1329-1333.
Finke, A., Lenhardt, A., Ritter, H.: The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game. Neural Networks. 22, 1329-1333 (2009).
Finke, Andrea, Lenhardt, Alexander, and Ritter, Helge. “The MindGame: A P300-based brain-computer interface game”. Neural Networks 22.9 (2009): 1329-1333.
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