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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2918656
Baniodeh, A., Magnani, N., Lan, Y., Buth, G., Anson, C. E., Richter, J., Affronte, M., et al. (2018). High spin cycles: topping the spin record for a single molecule verging on quantum criticality. NPJ Quantum Materials, 3(10). doi:10.1038/s41535-018-0082-7
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2918648
Oie, C. I., Mönkemöller, V., Hübner, W., Schüttpelz, M., Mao, H., Ahluwalia, B. S., Huser, T., et al. (2018). New ways of looking at very small holes - using optical nanoscopy to visualize liver sinusoidal endothelial cell fenestrations. NANOPHOTONICS, 7(3), 575-596. doi:10.1515/nanoph-2017-0055
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2918655
de Forcrand, P., Unger, W., & Vairinhos, H. (2018). Strong-coupling lattice QCD on anisotropic lattices. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 97(3), 10. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.97.034512
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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2918665
Klett, R., Schonle, J., Becker, A., Dyck, D., Borisov, K., Rott, K., Ramermann, D., et al. (2018). Proximity-Induced Superconductivity and Quantum Interference in Topological Crystalline Insulator SnTe Thin-Film Devices. NANO LETTERS, 18(2), 1264-1268. doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b04870
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2018 | Book | PUB-ID: 2918527
Satz, H. (2018). Extreme States of Matter in Strong Interaction Physics: an introduction (Lecture Notes in Physics, 945) 2nd ed. Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-71894-1
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2018 | Preprint | PUB-ID: 2918523
Zhu, W. W., Desvignes, G., Wex, N., Caballero, R. N., Champion, D. J., Demorest, P. B., Ellis, J. A., et al. (2018). Tests of Gravitational Symmetries with Pulsar Binary J1713+0747. arXiv:1802.09206
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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2918522
Michilli, D., Hessels, J. W. T., Donner, J. Y., Grießmeier, J. - M., Serylak, M., Shaw, B., Stappers, B. W., et al. (Accepted). Low-frequency pulse profile variation in PSR B2217+47: evidence for echoes from the interstellar medium. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. doi:10.1093/mnras/sty368
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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2918520
Arias, M., Vink, J., de Gasperin, F., Salas, P., Oonk, R. B. R., van Weeren, R., van Amesfoort, A. S., et al. (Accepted). Low-frequency radio absorption in Cassiopeia A. Astronomy & Astrophysics. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201732411
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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2916400
Bhandari, S., Keane, E. F., Barr, E. D., Jameson, A., Petroff, E., Johnston, S., Bailes, M., et al. (2018). The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts II: New FRB discoveries and their follow-up. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 475(2), 1427–1446. doi:10.1093/mnras/stx3074
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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2916399
Biondini, S., Bödeker, D., Brambilla, N., Garny, M., Ghiglieri, J., Hohenegger, A., Laine, M., et al. (2018). Status of rates and rate equations for thermal leptogenesis. International Journal of Modern Physics. A, 33(05n06), 1842004. doi:10.1142/S0217751X18420046
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